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Salvino D'Armate is most often credited with the invention of the first wearable eye glasses around 1284. The earliest glasses was prescribed for hyperopia and perched on the bridge of nose.Sunglasses as we know them today was invented in 1929 by Sam Foster. He made it utilizing the polarizing filter and sold it to the public in an Atlantic City Woolworths.

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Who Invented Glasses?

Salvino D' Armate is often credited with inventing the first recognized pair of eyeglasses around 1285, in Italy, but there is no evidence to conclude this. The earliest lenses were produced from quartz and were usually mounted on frames of bone, metal or leather.

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Who Invented Sunglasses?

In 1929, Sam Foster sold the first modern pair of sunglasses on the Boardwalk in Atlantic City, NJ. He started mass production of sunglasses.

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Salvino D'Armate - Glasses Inventor

Salvino D'Armate is thought to have invented eyeglasses sometime in the thirteenth century, around 1284. The earliest eyeglasses had convex lenses that could correct both hyperopia and presyopia.

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